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Free Consultation. 

Free 45-minute consultation we call the Breakthrough.  Find out if Brooke is a good fit and can help you achieve your goals.

Teen Empowerment

Designed for the teen/tween age group with an emphasis on coping strategies, communication, self-confidence and self-worth.

Single Clarity

Short-term life coaching services will help get you through situational issues or for an instant boost on work we've already done.

Leadership Coaching

Combines a holistic approach to the employee’s overall wellness along with the latest techniques in organizational psychology. 

90-Day Living Purposefully

One-on-one coaching is my highest level of support designed to take you out of the paralysis of overwhelm and into freedom. 

Find Your Tribe

We are very active in our local community of Rochester, Michigan and on Facebook. Find a tribe and bond with your people!