Wellness Workshops, Groups and Events

Women's Soul Circle 

Updog Yoga Rochester or Virtual

Reclaim, Cultivate and Support the feminine spirit! Join us for 90 minutes of sacred meditation, movement practices, open dialogue and sharing to rediscover our physical selves in renewal, release and rebirth.  Together we will hold space for each other to cultivate space to reclaim our power, restore sisterhood, spirituality and well-being.

Cost: $20 per person

Living Purposefully Private Facebook Group

If you are ready to start cultivating the life you have always dreamed of, this group is for you!  It is my goal to make as many women as possible feel as good about themselves as possible by teaching them the secrets to long-term balance.  Join me for daily motivational messages, weekly wellness videos and blogs, online workshops and life coaching advice.  All you have to do is join the Facebook group to start shifting your mindset to one of gratitude and purpose. 

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Wellness Groups

21 Day Confidence no Jan.png

21-Day Confidence Challenge

This free series of 21 emails in 21 days is designed to make you happier and more confident than ever before.  You will receive daily affirmations, audio GLO-Up tips and a free workbook to guide you along.  Also included is entry into my private texting community where we will be discussing the daily messages, I'll be conducting flash coaching sessions, or you can personally text me with questions.  I will personally respond to every text! 

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