These beautiful chakra bracelets come with color-coded cards for each bracelet.  Live purposefully by selecting the bracelet that matches what your intention is for the day.


Wear the red root chakra bracelet when you want to channel survival, vitality and passion


Wearing the green heart chakra bracelet helps bring focus to relationships, love and marriage.


Need to have a tough talk with someone or giving a presentation? Be sure to wear your blue throat chakra bracelet.


The orange naval chakra enhances sexuality, creativity, desire and compassion.


Put on your yellow breastbone chakra bracelet to boost feelings of cheerfulness, energy and encouragement.

Chakra Bracelet Set With Living Purposefully Cards

    • 8mm beads
    • 1mm elastic rope, tied twice and glued
    • Natural lava rocks allow you to diffuse essential oils for a pleasing scent during the day
    • Free shipping in United States
    • Cost includes tax and handling fees
    • Each bracelet is made with 5 colored beads, 15 lava beads and 2 spacers