Yearning For Connection

We all yearn for some type of connection.

Finding connection with someone else is like finding a perfect counterpart to your soul. Someone who understands you, who looks at you and sees you, the real, raw and imperfect you and accepts you despite the rough edges.

We can all collectively nod and say yes, I have that type of connection or I crave that type of connection with another, but for a lot of people there seems to be the idea that eventually you’ll have more time to connect to someone, it’s this space where you feel like there's enough time, time to regroup, to adjust, to stop the throttling solo train we’re on until its too late, but, it always ends up being too late doesn't it? The issue is it’s not one giant cut and we say how’d I end up so far gone, no. Its a little scrape by little scrape, so tiny we don’t notice we’ve sacrificed ourselves until its too late. I have been both completely disconnected from myself and others, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. No ability to sit with myself in the stillness of the night let alone sit with another person. Those moments where life paused and it was dark and silent seemed unbearable, that’s what going through the motions in survival mode is for me when loneliness pays me a personal visit, an unwelcomed crumbling from anguish, the intense pain I have caused myself from believing that I’m flawed and unworthy of love, belonging and connection, even from myself.

Connection is what drives the human race. We become disconnected after periods of heartache, grief, anguish, anxiety or depression to name a few. The bravest women I have ever met have been brokenhearted and dared to love again, the need for connection and complete belonging calls to them so loudly they move beyond the pains of the past and find abundance in their hearts. It’s the most courageous thing we can do, share our heartache through connection and allow someone to hold us and love us through it without a single fear of being rejected. We forget we need to be able to connect to ourselves as the foundation for others to rest upon.

You are so worthy of connection and love and a vibrant beautiful life.

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