What To Do When You're Having "one of those days"

These past few weeks I have been riding the wave of energy highs and lows and everything in between.

I feel like I have been peeling back so many layers, rapidly changing and moving in and out of all of the stages for all that is happening collectively. It’s a lot. Let’s not forget that, ok?

Right now I am allowing myself to remember that I am human and that I am allowed to feel really funky sometimes.

Please remember that you are too. Holding space for ourselves doesn’t mean meditating the pain away. It means HOLDING our emotions, our discomfort, or pain. It means ALLOWING it to exist. ACCEPTING that all emotions are valid and okay.

I want to share with you some of the practices I use on the days I’m feeling particularly “off” in the hopes that it may inspire you to use them as well:

  • Move extra slowly. Eat slowly, drink slowly, work slowly. Our body and emotions are working hard to process whatever is happening for us right now. Soothe the overstimulation, take your time, our nervous system loves when we take our time

  • Write it out. When our brains start spinning off and we’re trying to make sense of it all, a good brain dump can put things into perspective. Journaling is a great way to work through the chaos in our minds and create space and flow

  • Gratitude. It’s simple and it’s effective. By creating a gratitude practice we not only bring ourselves back to the present moment, we also bring our attention and energy back into our hearts. By showing love and appreciation for what’s going on that is positive in our life right now, even the smallest things, can help shift our energy

  • Come back to self. Taking the time to drop into our own energy. Sometimes it’s easy to allow ourselves to get tripped up about everything going around us

Especially when it comes to overconsumption on social media. Taking the time to feel into our own energetics & allow our body to tell us what it needs in the moment (ie rest, a big deep breath).

Remind ourselves that this is a part of the process. Life certainly is not linear and we don’t have to be either. We too can rise and fall, ebb and flow with the different rhythms of life.

We aren’t any less whole, valuable or worthy of love for having off day

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