Joining a Community: Coach Brooke is Here to Help on Your Journey Through Sobriety

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Struggling with sobriety, or entering sobriety is a complicated topic. Many women feel their responsibilities are too important to seek help out, so these issues are often repressed. Some women may not come to terms with the fact they are addicted, as addiction can mask itself in many forms. The extra glass of wine, the extra pain pill, these urges continue to seem normal until they have spun out of control, or reached a boiling point. However, you are not alone, and there are many just like you.

Women in recovery heal better in group settings, and by joining a community with others that have had addictions, your shared similar stories help develop a bond, a sisterhood if you will. This increased commonality gives you the freedom to share experiences that were too difficult to bring up in the past. Coach Brooke is here to help guide you, and show you are not alone. Brooke Collins is a professionally trained wellness coach whose passion is aligning her client's mind, body, and spirit to increase their physical health, and gain awareness of their emotional wellness.

According to the Recovery Research Institute, 5.7% of women in the United States have a substance abuse disorder. As a result of society's traditional roles as mothers, caregivers, and often the central figure in a family household, there are often higher levels of stigmatization with seeking help. Since women are generally the primary caretaker of a household, there are increased difficulties in attending meetings, with Coach Brooke: you will have support at your fingertips. While there are several services she has dedicated years of her time to, Coach Collins' newest service is in the final beta stages and concentrated as a sober course.

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