A Solution to Self Sabotage

In last week's blog we talked about my two secrets to self-motivation:

1. Simplifying the change into chunks like this:

- Identify the change you want to make

- Determine how you will change

- Prepare for the change

- Begin changing

- Steadfast consistency

Breaking down the steps into these chunks makes it much easier for us to see the path we need to walk and then just start taking one step at a time.

The second secret was:

2. Create a defined space

This may sound confusing but there is solid evidence that having a defined space, whether it is literally a space in your home or "head space", makes a huge impact on success ratios for change.

Steadfast Consistency

Now I want to talk more about "Steadfast Consistency" because that is where most of us quit via self sabotage.

Have you heard the quote, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”? We get in our own way far more than outside elements like our schedules, friends, family or bad luck. In fact, nothing can get in your way if you are prepared for self-sabotage that will for sure try to take you down.

During the "Prepare for the change" phase listed above, be sure to include some preparation for self sabotage. As always with my programs, it involves journaling.

Download PDF • 27KB

Take advantage of my free gift! Here are three pages out of my Life Journaled book which is 53-pages of journal prompts. These three pages focus on self-sabotage and get down to the root of what we fear and why we don't allow ourselves success.

It all comes down to fear (doesn't everything?). What are you really afraid of?

I'm afraid of not living my authentic life and the possibility of getting to the end of the road having regrets.

After you go through the journal prompts and are able to figure out what your fears are, then you can prepare to meet and defeat them.

Do you need help? Here are a couple of resources for you.

Get through the journal prompts and then schedule a FREE Breakthrough Session with me! I'd be happy to discuss your findings and provide you with some tips for overcoming them. Never any sales pitches and I don't follow up unless you want me to. Just good old fashioned help and advice.

Another resource is to join my Living Purposefully Facebook group where I provide daily motivation, live videos and resources for whatever you want to achieve.

Leave a comment and let me know how you liked the journal prompts and what you found!

XOXO Brooke

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