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The Sober Course: A Recovery Program

Join the waitlist for the Sober Course: a Recovery Program. In this course you will get 12 weeks worth of video instruction, workbooks, journals, LIVE coaching weekly, accountability partners, community and most importantly you will get sober! 


In this powerful course I'll guide you as you navigate sobriety and experience the benefits of a sober lifestyle

Together we'll reclaim your power and take back control over your life

We will dig into all the negative beliefs you have about yourself and really get to the bottom of WHY you are drinking so much.

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Changes start with you.

  • If you have been struggling with a relationship with alcohol and have tried to quit only to go back to it the next day or week

  • If you have been sober but do not have a rock solid foundation for your sobriety

  • If you know you are a grey area drinker and are ready to go deeper to quit drinking

  • Or if you are ready to take control of your life but are unsure where to start

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Frequently asked questions

Are both The Sober Course and coaching with you private?

YES. I take privacy very seriously. The worst thing for most women struggling with their relationship with alcohol is to have it blasted all over the internet. Your journey is 100% protected and you are safe to share here openly. That is why this works so well for most women, they feel secure knowing this is a safe space.

I have a busy schedule and I'm worried I can't get too involved. How much time do I need to commit to your courses and programs?

I have a ton of resources available to you inside the course platform and private groups. The BEST part of all the coaching and courses is that I designed them to be in an on-the-go format. Everything is designed to be self-paced so there is no falling behind. A few minutes each day keeps you committed and focused.

I'm in therapy and also dabbled in AA, is that ok?

ABSOLUTELY. The work that we do and the coaching I provide is designed to work alongside all other sobriety support systems and therapy. I believe there is no such thing as too much support and help along the way! Everything from 1:1 coaching, group programs, course and membership are designed to be utilized alongside of whatever other systems have been working for you.

I have tried so many things and nothing sticks, what makes you different?

Simple. You get a support system like you've never had before, both online and meetuos in person. An important fact is I have been in your shoes - I used to be just like you. I offer a unique level of support based off my experience with my own alcoholism and also with my recovery journey. Doing this on your own is hard, an uphill battle and this is about a new mindful thought process and openness to making different choices each day for yourself. It's not always easy to go through and I can't do it for you, but I promise I am there for you 100% - supporting you and making sure you know you are not alone on this journey!

How does sobriety change your life?

The question to ask is not how does it change your life but how doesn't it. There is so much on the other side of the bottle that you never thought you needed or wanted! Life is peaceful and so much more enjoyable when you are present for it, and when you don't feel like crap or guilty for your behavior. You'd be surprised how much time goes into the physical pains from drinking and also into the self depricating thoughts and shame train rides we go on. When we remove all that, the truth is that there isn't anything that's not possible for you.

Can sobriety be fun?

YES! It's big alcohol companies and advertising that have helped condition us to believe we have to have alcohol in every single thing we do in order to have fun. Newsflash, they make big money off of people drinking at every type of event, so of course they want you to believe it's a necessity. Honest answer - I have ten times more fun in my life sober than I ever did drinking!