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The Sober Course: A Recovery Program

Join the waitlist for the Sober Course: a Recovery Program. In this course you will get 12 weeks worth of video instruction, workbooks, journals, LIVE coaching weekly, accountability partners, community and most importantly you will get sober! 


In this powerful course I'll guide you as you navigate sobriety and experience the benefits of a sober lifestyle

Together we'll reclaim your power and take back control over your life

We will dig into all the negative beliefs you have about yourself and really get to the bottom of WHY you are drinking so much.

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Changes start with you.

  • If you have been struggling with a relationship with alcohol and have tried to quit only to go back to it the next day or week

  • If you have been sober but do not have a rock solid foundation for your sobriety

  • If you know you are a grey area drinker and are ready to go deeper to quit drinking

  • Or if you are ready to take control of your life but are unsure where to start

Book your FREE Clarity call so we can go over options and get you the personalized help you need to be successful with alcohol free living.

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