Frequently Asked Questions 

About Life Coaches

What is a life coach?

A life coach provides holistic healing to your mind, body and soul. They are wellness partners who work together with their clients to decide on the right path forward in order to get them where they want to be. Once the right path forward is determined, typically coach and client meet once a week to go through experiential exercises designed to allow the client to gain awareness of limiting beliefs and feel empowered to push past them.

What can a life coach help me with?

To me it's irrelevant what the problem is when people contact me. It could be that you’re struggling in your relationship, with weight loss, confidence, career goals or just looking for a shift in life. Life coaches help people who have never put themselves first because they are always putting everyone else’s needs above their own. Whatever the goal, the job of a wellness coach is to help keep and maintain focus on it and to provide attainable action steps toward it.

Can a life coach help me find purpose?

A life coach can help someone find purpose in their life. We begin by thinking about what makes the person truly happy. One of the ways I facilitate this discussion is by taking my clients through a values exercise. It’s totally fine if the person doesn’t know what makes them happy before coming into my office – don’t worry! That is very common and a good reason to come see me.

It may not happen in the first session together, but eventually we will get down to the core of what excites and motivates the person, and what raises their vibration to another level. In my experience, everybody has something that they want to do and that they're good at, but they're afraid of telling people because they think it's a dumb idea or not something that they can make money at.

Do not assume that your purpose is based around finance or money, or that it has to be life-altering. The goal is to spark joy, find happiness and to live a meaningful life.

How can a life coach help me achieve my goals?

A life coach can help you achieve your goals by first establishing what the goal is and then putting action steps in place in order to reach the goal. Importantly, a life coach holds the person accountable to keep striving for what they said they wanted and to what they said they were going to do to achieve it (the action steps).

The fear of not being understood, accepted or loved is at the base of all human design. Everybody has that fear somewhere in their makeup and when we feel like we are going to be rejected we often end up struggling with self-esteem, saying “no” or to putting up personal boundaries for ourselves.

One of the main areas life coaches help people with is self-love. In many cases I’m helping my clients learn to love themselves through coaching exercises and daily affirmations until they begin to have a positive view of themselves. Once my clients love themselves and gain confidence they can achieve anything!

What is the difference between a therapist and a life coach?

The difference between a life coach and therapist is that therapists deal with moving beyond trauma that happened in the past while life coaches deal with one’s future state. Life coaches can help their clients manage their anxiety through mindful healing and coping mechanisms, but we do not prescribe medication or provide psychiatric assistance for mental illness.

How do I find a life coach near me?

There are various ways to find a life coach in your local area. You can type “wellness coach near me” into your internet browser, ask other local holistic practitioners such as chiropractors or yoga instructors, or search for one in local directories such as Yelp.

When looking through local listings for life coaches it is important to pay close attention to a few items.

First, make sure you read through their reviews and that they have positive feedback ratings. You may not want to go to someone who does not have any reviews or ratings as this may indicate that past customers were not happy enough to leave a positive comment.

Secondly, you want to select a life coach who can tell you exactly what it is they do, how they do it and why they do it. All wellness coaches should offer a free consultation such as my free breakthough session. A good wellness coach will identify whether or not they can help you after this initial conversation, and the good ones will let you know if you are not a match for their specialty.

Thirdly, it is helpful to find a life coach who has a good website which contains lots of information about their personal mission and types of services offered.

Finally, hire a lire coach who is professionally trained. Look for an indication that they are certified through an organization such as the International Coach Federation (ICF) or the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC). Working with a trained wellness coach is the same thing as working with a certified therapist. Anyone can give out advice, but you could be led down a very dangerous and possibly destructive path if you’re not taking advice from somebody with years of experience.

What is the difference between a life coach and a wellness coach?

They are very similar, and in fact it may be just a matter of semantics. Both help with setting and reaching goals, but a wellness coach makes sure to incorporate a plan for emotional, spiritual, physical and mental health and not just reaching goals.

What does a corporate coach do?

Companies have been working with executive coaches for years to help push their sales and management teams expand beyond limiting beliefs in order to help the company grow at the same time. Often an organization will put entire teams through a coaching program to build trust and comradery amongst groups who must work well together in order to succeed. It could be a group of people going through a program together, or it could be one-on-one coaching with top executives who need to lead teams through exceptional challenges to reach corporate objectives.

How long should I work with a life coach?

Life coaches offer both single sessions for immediate needs or tune-ups such as my Single Clarity Session, or longer-length programs depending on the client's needs. For my longer term clients I usually start with a 90-day commitment with an option to renew, but I will let you know up-front about how long I think the task will take.

First, I need to assess where you are in life right now, what your goals are and what we need to do to achieve them. All of these factors effect timing.

Often a client may think that they can get the job done in a limited amount of sessions, but it sometimes takes time to build trust and if a client is not open with me or doesn't feel like they can trust me right away, than it will take longer.

Also, it takes time to build new habits. After just 21 days new habits can form, but after 90-days of working with a wellness coach you get into lifestyle changes. Holistic coaches don’t promise instant results, we strive for deep healing that lasts a lifetime.