Schedule a Free Breakthrough Session


Interested in seeing if a Life or Wellness Coach is right for you? I invite you to schedule a free Breakthrough Session with me to find out if we spark and what possibilities lie ahead!

How does my free wellness coach consultation work?


Electing to participate in one of my free Breakthrough sessions is the first step on your journey to discovering your true north.


Before we determine a destination, we have to first fully assess where you are at in your life in areas such as career, spirituality, relationships, physical activity and importantly - joy! 

Before our conversation I’ll send you some paperwork to fill out which will include a questionnaire that will help me assess where you are at in your personal and professional life.  We will discuss the following topics during our 45-minute free consultation:

  1. Finances

  2. Intimate relationships

  3. Physical Health

  4. Spiritual Health

  5. Emotional Health

  6. Career and Mission

  7. Contribution

  8. Fun and Excitement

  9. Family and Friends

  10. Consistent Growth

During our initial session we will go over what your needs are and why you decided to contact me.  After this conversation I will let you know how I can help, what that help will involve and about how many sessions I think it will take. 

As we progress through session work, we will do exercises together which will help us explore and get curious about your true desires, what sparks joy in your heart and what will make you truly happy.  I’m talking down-deep happiness and a purposeful life!


I look forward to speaking with you!​  Let's get on the path to reaching your full potential and achieving your dreams!