Leadership Coaching

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Attention Management

Traditional leadership coaching is based around professional development, relationship building, goal setting and selling techniques

My leadership coaching style combines a holistic life coaching approach to the employee’s overall wellness along with the latest techniques in organizational psychology. 

The culture of busyness in and out of the workplace has become so prominent that employees are feeling incredibly overwhelmed with to-do lists that leave them stretched very thin.  Important tasks are left either undone or not completed to satisfaction.  Management is often convinced that their employees simply lack the time management skills needed to do more in less time.

My view is that your employees do not need time management skills, they need attention management skills.  Prioritize the people and projects that matter the most, and learn how to execute these tasks with focus, determination and mindfulness.

Executing with Intention

Busy teams must face each day with an executable plan that is purposefully crafted to reach goals and expand past limiting beliefs. No one is responsible for a person's health, wealth, happiness or success other than themselves.  If your employees are not clear on why they desire growth and change than they will never evolve. 

  1. Get really clear on personal and professional goals.

  2. Visualization exercises for mental and emotional clarity.

  3. The five big buckets - prioritize your time.

  4. Scheduling tools for focused production. 

  5. Staying accountable to the purpose and plan.

Accountability Coaching

I work with people who are overwhelmed and I help them get clear on their priorities by making them accountable for their actions.  Let me help your team identify and achieve their dreams through clarity, action planning and accountability. 


We will begin our powerful, recurrent one-on-one coaching with my signature Passion Gap exercise to gain clarity on their goals, followed by sessions to help stretch them past limiting beliefs, and then strategic sequences to help them let go of any fears that have been holding them back.  

And accountability?  I provide daily text and phone support to ensure they are not only clear on how to execute but also held accountable to what they said they wanted, and what they said they would do to achieve it.

Ditch the Pyramid and Cultivate Team Values

When leaders hand down rules, processes and values that their team members don't have any ownership in, they are often taken with a grain of salt and instill hierarchical practices that require monitoring and discipline from the one person on top of the pyramid.  Instead, ask your team members to define their own team values.  If they collectively choose five or six values then they will hold each other responsible for applying the values to their work life.  The same method should be used for processes and guidelines.

For instance, if one of the team values is Accountability with a support statement of "We can depend on each other and are each dependable", then if one of the team members doesn't do a great job of covering for a coworker during PTO they can use the values list to call each other out.  It also provides a positive approach to setting the tone of the team. 

Personalized Coaching

All leadership coaching is personalized to desires of both company and employees, and available as either team workshops, private coaching or motivational and wellness retreats. 


There are many options - contact me to discuss your organizational needs.