I love helping women find power in their emotions . 

I know firsthand how hard it is to live in a world you have to censor yourself in. I have spent years untangling myself from the idea that my emotions were a weakness. That they needed to be hidden so I could succeed. The truth is our emotions when tapped into are our powerhouse. We become the most successful when we allow ourselves to feel. The most powerful gift a woman can give is her heart, fully and completely open. I used to not think that was possible that I was too guarded or afraid to get hurt to ever allow myself to be vulnerable and raw and just me. My purpose on this earth is to help women tap into unlimited potential and power by learning how to access what is already inside.  There is so much joy being able to witness someone come home to themselves and THRIVE!  Together I walk alongside my clients through the journey home and connect them to other women who "get it" Because I fully believe in the power of WE!  


because we can.

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When I look at my life, I see all the cracks and holes, flaws and mistakes. Not because I am knocking myself but, because I am grateful for all of it. My flaws are my own and while I struggle with them, sometimes I accept them and I accept myself. There was a time I would not have been able to say that, I would have told you how awful I was, how horrible things have been for me. What a difference a decade can make. Today I have a husband I adore and who adores me, flaws and all!  We have two beautiful daughters who challenge me every day but bring me so much joy! I love being a mom and all that goes with it, even the hard days. I love to play golf, go to my local Barre Code, and walk my dog!  Most importantly I love helping other people out of the lonely place of living for other people and external validation and stepping into themselves wholly. 



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