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My name is Brooke & I am a recovery coach.

I am a recovering alcoholic - sober since 01-22-2012.  I am a mom, a wife, friend and daughter. I am passionate about helping women get and stay sober.  I struggled for years to quit drinking, to control my drinking and to put rules around my drinking - unsuccessfully. The more I tried to control it, the worse it got. Everything in my life was falling apart around me and I still could not stop.  I felt like a complete failure and worse, like a liar. My drinking and my desire to drink was top priority and anything that got in the way of me and my lover (alcohol) got cancelled.  I was drinking to numb out all the feelings of pain from my sister's death when I was 13. I was drinking to numb out my failed, abusive marriage. I was drinking because I didn't want to feel anything, and although I didn't know it at the time I was drinking to die. 


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Helping women navigate sobriety and empowering them to live more fulfilling lives. 



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Your sober or alcohol-free journey. One of the hardest choices is to go against the grain and  give up alcohol, whether it's by choice or because your life has become unmanageable. I am here to help you navigate sobriety and help you open up all the amazing opportunities that come with a sober lifestyle.

End self-sabotage and feel good about yourself

Reclaim your power and take back control over your life

Get and stay sober

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Happy clients

Working with Brooke changed my whole life. I no longer reach for a drink after a bad day! She helped me to see I don't need alcohol and I can feel the feeling and let it pass.

Sara, Yoga Instructor

I am no longer living life on the shame train, I am no longer waking up guilty and foggy and hungover. Brooke helped me find freedom and happiness again! 
If you think you have a problem with alcohol, if you don't feel good about the amount you drink everyday, and if you want help to stop Brooke is the person to help you.

Amy, Entrepreneur 

Jennifer, Client

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