About Me


Hello! My name is Brooke and I'm a professionally-trained wellness coach living in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

My passion is to help clients discover how to take responsibility for their health and gain awareness about their emotional wellness. My holistic approach to health targets the mind, body and spirit so they are all aligned.  

I was born and raised in Rochester, Michigan by my parents John and Tobin Collins.  My sister and I attended Rochester High School and basically had an amazing childhood with the best parents, family and friends that one could imagine.


Every day was a filled with love and fun.  Playing with my friends, tennis, swimming, grandparents, school pals…everything was going great. 


But when I was ten years old our wonderful little world was rocked when my older sister Casey was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.  My lovely sissy fought like a warrior in and out of the hospital for chemo treatments and other procedures, but lost her battle three years later.  My family was crushed.


I was 13 years-old, my parents would never be the same again and I was determined to do anything in my power to not deal with the loss.


Soon I started drinking. 


In 2004 I married my high school sweetheart and had my first daughter, Gabie. 


I can’t say that what first started out as a fairy tale soon turned into a nightmare, because it was never a fairy tale to begin with.  Both my husband and I drank and used drugs to drown our feelings.

I loved him, but he became increasingly physically and verbally abusive.  Soon it became unbearable but I wanted my marriage to work.  Admitting failure to my parents, friends, daughter and especially myself was too much.  I told myself that I was holding on to the marriage for my daughter's sake, but it was really a form of self-sabotage combined with the fear that I wasn't good enough to make it on my own. 


Then one day it all came to the boiling point.  I was absolutely done.  Done trying to control the overwhelming feelings I had of believing I wasn’t good enough, pretty enough, skinny enough or smart enough (all things my husband was actually telling me). 


Due to the constant abuse and the death of my amazing sister I had been subconsciously telling myself that I didn’t deserve to be alive.  Then one day I found myself lying on the bathroom floor, crying and screaming from the pit of my stomach.  I believed it...  


The wrong kid had died.


That turned out to be one of the worst days in my life but at the same time the most freeing moment of my life!  If I hadn’t reached that point of releasing and openly sharing my feelings I wouldn’t have been ready to receive help from my mentor and friend Jenny. 


She guided me through certain actions and steps, and held me accountable to making sure that I was doing everything we had agreed on.  It changed my life and now I’m living a purposeful life that I am proud of and ready to share with others.


Today I’m married to my second husband Jeff, and together we are raising our beautiful daughters Gabie and Paisley. 


Gabie is 14 and attends Adams High School.  She is an amazing volleyball player and enjoys hanging out with her friends and doing all the things teenage girls do.  Her sister Paisley is four and loves dance class and swimming the most!  She’s also way into barbies and Frozen, of course!

If you are ready to start your new life, or just make your current life a little brighter, schedule a free breakthrough session today and we can discuss your future.

Brooke Collins works one-on-one with clients as well as with corporate clients as a speaker and executive coach.