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Helping women navigate healing their pasts and empowering them to live more fulfilling lives. 

learn to love yourself
"You cannot make space for BETTER if you continue to hold onto GOOD ENOUGH and Ultimately, I am an example of what is possible for my clients"

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My name is Brooke

I am a travel-loving, self-help-obsessed certified Life coach on a mission to help women break free from their predicaments, take back their power, and find their voice again so they can live a truly radiant life!  

I know broken. 

I know shame

I know self-sabotage

before becoming a certified life, health and recovery coach and pursuing my passion of empowering other women to live radiantly, i was anxious, lonely, and drowning my pain in alcohol. 


let's work together!

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I can really make a difference for you
"There’s always a bigger plan, even when it feels like your world is ending. Trust that the universe has something better for you!"



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I can help you with...

Healing your relationship with yourself and your past. I help you on the journey to finding joy. One of the hardest choices is to start looking inward at what you are thinking and feeling instead of being externally focused on what other people are feeling and thinking,  You cannot connect to anyone else if you are only focused on them and their feelings.  So, whether it's by choice or because your life has become unfulfilling, overwhelmed or unmanageable. I am here to help you navigate the healing journey so you can move past predicaments in your life and open up all the amazing opportunities that come with being open and vulnerable with your own emotions.

End self-sabotage and feel good about yourself

Reclaim your power and take back control over your life

End victim mentality for good.

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Happy clients

"I'm transforming into the person that I've always wanted to become!"

Alison, P

I am no longer living life on the shame train, I am no longer walking on eggshells, Brooke helped me find freedom and happiness again! 
If you feel uncomfortable in your skin, like an unrecognizable version of yourself, if you want help to break free, Brooke is the person to help you.

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Jennifer, Client

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